Alt Legal Contributes to World Trademark Review Study

Alt Legal recently collaborated with World Trademark Review to publish a study of global IP offices. "Registries Transformed – the world’s most innovative IP offices revealed" was published in the April/May 2017 issue of the magazine.

For our contribution to the study, we collected, analyzed, and submitted data from 40 international IP offices. The data includes several metrics, including up-time, the ability of users to file electronically, website content accessibility, and accessibility of information for third-party providers.

When considering the digital accessibility of IP offices throughout the world, New Zealand’s office, the IPONZ, was ranked best in the world. In the article, our CEO Nehal Madhani praises the IPONZ’s data handling, calling it the “clear leader in embracing the open data trend.”

The study also uses other metrics—including other quantitative data and survey results about user experiences—to compare IP offices. Ultimately the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) pulled ahead. The article praises the EUIPO for, among other things, its usability and collaboration with national IP offices. Nehal adds that “The EUIPO’s online trademark application service stands out for both the quality and quantity of the content it provides applicants.”

Read an overview of the article here, or read the entire text, including discussion of the methodology and results by Nehal, here (requires subscription or trial account).