Alt Legal IP News #109

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Popular with the Kids

- Toys "R" Us's planned intellectual property auction garnered attention for some of its domain names up for sale. The auction has been called off in favor of reorganization.

- Soon your phone could be a Gameboy

- Juul, the company behind the e-cigarette that is alarmingly popular with teens, filed a patent infringement lawsuit against 18 other e-cig makers. The company previously filed a lawsuit against 30 companies for trademark infringement.

At Odds

- In 1914, a man was granted a patent for technology credited with saving hundreds of lives during WWI. That patent has created more frustration than joy for his descendants.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant may not be off the hook for copyright infringement in "Stairway to Heaven" after all. 

- A probate court dealing with James Brown's estate is entangled in a "12-year fight over bigamy, DNA tests, and copyright law."

Don't Say That

- Vogue's parent company is taking 26-year old designer and activist Nareasha Willis to court over her Black Vogue fashion line

- The billionaire founder of easyJet is suing Netflix over the show "Easy," claiming the name infringes his European trademark rights. 

MoMa won a preliminary injunction against MoMaCha in their ongoing trademark infringement lawsuit.

 Odds and Ends

- Bumble is asking to have Tinder's patents invalidated. Despite this ongoing dispute, the CEO of Match, which owns Tinder, says she admires Bumble.


- What happens when you purchase a painting for £1.042m and it self-destructs immediately after?

- A solo engineer stepped into the middle of the Waymo v. Uber battle, preparing a 101-page presentation that ultimately won the USPTO's approval.

- A Cleveland Cavaliers' guard has been notified that he may be fined for every game that he fails to cover up a new tattoo because of potential conflict with existing sponsorship agreements. 

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