Alt Legal IP News - Issue #104

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Iconic Women

- A judge shed light on the true owner of Marilyn Monroe's iconic final photos.

- Who will prevail in the dispute over a "Wander Woman" trademark application? 

- These three women beat the odds to become award-winning inventors. 

Different Kinds of Characters

- Without any definitive case law, the legality of cosplay is a bit murky. 


- What are the legal issues surrounding emojis? This podcast episode explores the various intersections of emoji and the law.

- A new typeface plays with corporate identities by pulling elements from 76 corporate logos

Food & Drink

- We owe all of our unbroken eggs to these inventors

- Some sparkling water brands are using trademarks that "lack any suggestive, inherently distinct sparkle."

Monsta Pizza was victorious against Monster Energy's claims of likelihood of confusion. 

 Odds and Ends

- The USPTO issued an interesting trademark registration for this configuration of a stump, nails, and hammer. 

- Heading to Berlin in October? Check out the 100 Years of Copyright festival

- Copyright law could stop 3D printed guns. Should it? 

- Benjamin T. Montgomery tried to patent a new propeller for steamboats in 1864 but the Patent Office denied him because he was enslaved. Read more about his story here

- A German music professor did an experiment to test automatic takedown systems, revealing the automation often didn't work. 

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