Alt Legal IP News - Issue #105

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Ins and Outs of Copyright

This project is working to translate basic copyright and reuse terms into the 29 official languages of the European Union. 

- Tomorrow the EU will hold a critical vote on the controversial Articles 11 and 13, which some claim will shape the future of the internet.

- The Ninth Circuit found that an IP address user cannot be held liable for copyright infringement by users sharing that IP address. 

What Have You Learned?

- A brother and sister have launched a product aimed at solving a common household problem. The duo credits the ASU patent clinic with helping them get the idea off the ground. 

- Here is an explanation of obtaining copyright protection for furniture.

- Over 40 online merchants have infringed the University of Arkansas's trademarks, and must each pay $200,000 to the university. 

- Yesterday the long battle over CRISPR patents came to a close. 

Rule Makers

- Should there be a reality TV show about judges

- A Texas ISP complained to a judge that they are being turned into "copyright police."

- The USPTO is receiving pushback on their planned 2021 fee hikes. 

- Disney is facing criticism for complaining about overzealous copyright holders.

 Odds and Ends

- After several Harry Potter festivals were shut down, the Roanoke festival is now the "Generic Magic Festival."

- The maker of OxyContin now has a patent for opioid addiction treatment. He is currently being sued by the Colorado Attorney General for OxyContin's "significant role in causing the opioid epidemic."

- An 80-year-old inventor is in a bitter feud with the USPTO, claiming the office is waiting for him to die.  

- This is an interesting discussion on "autonomy of the student and their role in today's institutions as it relates to creative rights and intellectual property."

- Nominations for the 2019 Mark T. Banner Award for Contribution to Intellectual Property Law are now open. IP Watchdog is also seeking a Writer-Editor.

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