Alt Legal IP News- Issue #110

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Tech Giants

- WeWork's new business line, HQ by WeWork, has resulted in an interesting trademark debate over the term "HQ." 

The New Yorker put together a comprehensive story about an unanswered question: Did Uber steal Google's intellectual property?

- The makers of a controversial application that enhances Grindr's capabilities is backing down after initially fighting back against copyright infringement claims.

It's a Party!

- What started as an April Fool's joke may become a real tequila brand.
- The streets of Tokyo briefly resembled a real-life version of Mario Kart, until Nintendo shut it down.

- You may have heard of mortgage burning parties, but should there also be patent burning parties?

Fighting Back

- The USPTO has enlisted the OED to assist with their ongoing fight against altered or fake specimens.

- A university's student groups are riled up after the school tightened their trademark policy, resulting in most groups needing to change their names.

- A Caribbean organization is alleging that the Brooklyn Arts Council misused their organization's intellectual property in a recent exhibition.

 Odds and Ends

- Microsoft is adding 60,000 patents to the Open Invention Network, where they can be accessed royalty free. 

- Alexa may soon be able to diagnose coughs and colds. Walmart shopping carts may soon be able to detect your stress levels.

- A journalist is suing a film studio over the use of his interviews with Gilda Radner in a recently released film. 

- A bill seeking to extend the USPTO's ability to set its own fees has passed in the Senate

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