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People in Power

- Recently, several musicians have voiced their disapproval of politicians using their songs at rallies. Even when they send cease and desists, the musicians can't always get what they want.


 - HBO was not thrilled with this Game of Thrones reference, and they even joked about trademark misuse. The tweet including the meme may be bizarre, but is it trademark infringement?

- Amidst talks of restarting trade negotiations, China approved 16 trademark applications, which appear to belong to a White House senior advisor. 

Hollywood Happenings

- The Satanic temple is suing Netflix over alleged copyright infringement of their Baphomet statute

- A judge refused to redact "copyright troll" from a ruling issued to a notorious copyright foe. 

Here is an interesting take on the Hollywood streaming wars. 

What Once Was

- The celebrity hologram industry is weird, technically and legally. 

MoMaCha is now MaMaCha. Will the change be enough to settle their ongoing dispute with MoMa?

- A notorious patent enforcement entity is shutting down, valuing their patent portfolio at $1.

 Odds and Ends

- Marvel Comics may oppose a trademark application filed by an alleged alien conspiracy theorist.

- Is this cannabis trademark application a PR stunt or smart trademark strategy?

Lego won a copyright infringement lawsuit over their block design in China. 

- Halloween stirred up some interesting IP discussions last week. How did these Halloween candies get their names? Is orange the hot new color trademark? Does MoonPie have the best Twitter account?

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