Alt Legal IP News - Issue #115

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Wild Wild Web

- Facebook's new patent suggests the company may take ad targeting to a creepy new level.

- YouTube's CEO has been outspoken against the EU's efforts to revise its copyright directive. IMPALA, an indie label trade group, is pushing back in favor of the revisions

- Check out this primer on the rise and legality of search engine advertising. 

Magic Formulas

- Pfizer lost a long-running patent battle to extend rights in a pain medication with worth $5 billion a year.

- Tattoo and makeup artists don't fit neatly into the art world or copyright law

- A new lawsuit by L'Oreal may change the dupe culture of the beauty industry.


What Do You Think?

- If Mozart and Beethoven were alive today, would they be guilty of copyright infringement?

- Are food and beverage companies ready for the influx of cannabis-related patent filings?

- Are quilts protected by copyright?

 Odds and Ends

- Last week, an EU court ruled that the taste of a food product is not a work and thus not protectable by copyright. 

- Ford has a plan for eliminating the new car smell: baking the car. 

- An Arizona couple ran a website that offered free downloads of classic video games. They now owe Nintendo over $12 million.

- Will one Supreme Court case create an escape from another?

- A new TTAB ruling emphasizes the value of understanding the most important portion of a trademark.

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