Alt Legal IP News - Issue #116

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Some Spooks

The Satanic Temple settled their $50 million lawsuit against Netflix. 

- The makers of Scream are suing a Boston Celtics player for using the mask image on his "Scary Terry" merch. 

- Do patents have souls? Are they creepy?

Some Innovations

- The third largest wave of American innovation may be coming to a close. 

- What if you could experience VR but without the walking? Google's new patent could skate users through alternate realities.
- Clap on, clap off technology was mostly used for lighting... until now

Some Recognizable Names

- A joke stealing lawsuit against Conan O'Brien is moving forward.

- If Kobe Bryant is required to testify in an ongoing trademark lawsuit, his lawyers say he will take inspiration from Lil Wayne

Levi Strauss is suing Yves Saint Laurent over their pocket tab design.

- Louis Vuitton has a strategic approach to brand protection.

 Odds and Ends

- Check out this interesting long read on copyright's male gaze

- In a scathing opinion, a judge accused a copyright troll of treating his court "like an ATM." 

Two inventors are questioning whether the shut down of a government program is still affecting patent decisions. 

- Amazon is working with the USPTO to address bad actors who are altering trademark data

- Who knew there are so many patents behind pumpkin pie?

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Hannah from Alt Legal