Alt Legal IP News - Issue #117

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Law Making

- A UK intellectual property minister resigned, citing Brexit

Canada's new trademark laws will go into effect on June 17, 2019. 

- Uncle Sam might not have any rights under the Copyright Act.

- Google, Amazon, and others are heading to Capitol Hill to discuss patent eligibility

Don't Do That

- Nine people are facing charges for stealing Samsung's intellectual property
- Stephen Colbert suggests the President "lawyer up."

Jay Z has asked a court to halt arbitration in an ongoing trademark infringement case due to lack of diversity amongst the arbitrators.

The Experts

- How does copyright affect creativity?

- A Los Angeles jury handed down a flawed trademark verdict.

- How will cannabis claims hold up in patent litigation? 

 Odds and Ends

- Instagram users are building their brands on other peoples' intellectual property. 

- Did you know Hakuna Matata is a registered trademark?

- The Supreme Court will not hear TVEyes' appeal, which may be problematic for researchers and critics.

- The number of foreign filers of US trademark applications is surging.

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