Alt Legal IP News - Issue #121

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High Court

- Justice Alito has unrecused himself, which he has previously done nine times, in the ongoing Oracle copyright case. 

- The Supreme Court has two copyright cases on their January argument calendar. One will try to resolve when registration of a copyright claim has "been made."

- The Court will also hear a trademark caseIancu v. Brunetti, to decide if trademark protection can be denied to scandalous or immoral brands.

Cultivating a Look

- Apple may start making smart fabric.

Athletes' tattoos are causing problems for video game developers. The ongoing NBA 2K case offers two interesting arguments on the issue. We've also written about this issue on our blog!

- An IP office scoffed at Cartier's attempt to register "love" as a trademark in connection with the sale of their signature bracelets.

New Frontiers

- The Farm Bill 2018 created new intellectual property protection for asexually reproduced plants. 

Cannabis IP patents have doubled in the last decade. 

- Many companies may race to patent AI in 2019, and, so far, Microsoft is winning

 Odds and Ends

- Looking to make some trademark resolutions in 2019? Here are some ideas.

Recycling patents can help companies innovate.

- Due to an ongoing patent battle with Qualcomm, Apple must stop selling iPhones 7 and 8 in Germany.

- A copyright infringement case against Ed Sheeran for allegedly copying "Let's Get It On" is headed to a jury.

- PopSugar's twinning app has been very popular on social media. But how many people read the terms of service before submitting a selfie?

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