Alt Legal IP News - Issue #122

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Top of the News

- The publisher of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series is alleging Netflix's new movie, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, infringes the publisher's trademarks.

- A jury stripped the Mongols biker gang of the trademark registration for the group's logo

- McDonald's lost their Big Mac trademark registration in the EU following a dispute with an Irish restaurant chain.

Secret Sauce

- The Internet of Things has some interesting uses in the food industry
- Who knew that glitter is such a secretive industry?

Carla's Crazy Crunch is facing an uphill battle against Nestle, but their trademark dispute has had some positive side effects.

Copyright Week

- For those celebrating, it is copyright week.

- The effects of last year's changes to Australia's copyright laws are beginning to show.

- Criticism is often fair use, but sometimes copyright can shut down criticism.

 Odds and Ends

- Will software patents make a comeback?

IBM received the most patents in 2018, making it the 26th year they have been the top US patent holder.

- Celebrity "creative directors" can create interesting intellectual property and advertising considerations.

- Deepfakes are being used to terrorize women online. Intellectual property laws may be able to help.

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