Alt Legal IP News - Issue #124

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It's Called Fashion

- Google is acquiring Fossil's smartwatch technology for $40 million.

- How long will it be until this $40 dress leads to a lawsuit?

- A major fashion company wrongly sent a cease and desist for a domain name,

On Your Phone

- Your iPhone might soon replace your carbon monoxide detector. 
- Amazon is working on a virtual dressing room.

- Gigi Hadid is in hot water, again, for posting copyright-protected photos of herself on her Instagram.

Big Decisions

- A new Supreme Court patent ruling provided a big win for generic drug makers.

- The USPTO came close to shutting down as part of the government shutdown but remains open for now.

- Google is hoping the Supreme Court will help them reverse the Federal Circuit's controversial Oracle ruling.

 Odds and Ends

Are you feeling lucky? The company who infringed Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button certainly wasn't.

- This is an interesting video on the most sampled loop in music history.

- A photographer is suing the Georgia Attorney General's campaign over unauthorized use of his photographs.

- Rapunzel is at the center of an ongoing and interesting TTAB dispute.

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