Alt Legal IP News - Issue #127

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Trending Topics

- An artist is suing Ariana Grande for copyright infringement of one of his artworks in the music video for "God is a Woman."

- The Kardashians are already planning their children's empires

- The Copyright Office will not grant protection to the Carlton dance. The dance is part of ongoing litigation against the creators of Fortnite.


- A former Coca-Cola employee has been charged with attempted theft of trade secrets valued at almost $120 million.
- Capri Sun is claiming a competitor's drink packaging infringes on Capri Sun's protected pouch container

- Thanks to the Cadbury brothers' failure to seek IP protection in 1868, the heart-shaped chocolate box was born

Around the World

- Japan will likely make all copyright infringement a criminal offense

- What is a "legal fake" brand, and how does it continue to exist? 

- A Birmingham man's dispute with the USPS over a system for processing undeliverable mail is heading to the Supreme Court.

 Odds and Ends

R.E.M. successfully used copyright to get one of the President's tweets removed. 

- A brand wants to register a green sole as a trademark and is using Louboutin's drawings to try to do so. 

- UPS is suing several cannabis delivery companies for trademark infringement

- Many women contributed to science but were buried in the footnotes. 

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