Alt Legal IP News - Issue #128

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Patent Dockets

- Waco, Texas is quickly becoming the new Mecca for patent infringement cases. 

- Calling this company a patent troll may result in a defamation lawsuit. 

- Apple announced plans to close stores in the Eastern District of Texas to better protect the company from patent litigation. 

Industry Problems

- This patent lawyer is credited with saving the CBD industry.

65 intellectual property scholars submitted a brief supporting Google in the ongoing Oracle case. 

Portlandia made fun of using of a food product's journey as a selling point, but many companies are finding that the supply chain is their intellectual property.

Take It to Court

- The TTAB issued a precedential decision about the use of hashtags as trademarks.
Emojis are increasingly present in courts, but courts aren't prepared. 

- Banksy may show up in courts around the world

 Odds and Ends

- These seven black inventors obtained patents, despite many obstacles, and their work helped shape American life.

- A New York lawmaker endorsed a plan to help break an HIV-prevention drug's patent.

- The Public Theater is suing the Public Hotel, alleging trademark infringement. 

- The Supreme Court heard arguments about whether trademark owners should have more protections in bankruptcy cases. 

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