Alt Legal IP News - Issue #129

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Eat It Up

- In-N-Out claims Puma's new Drive-Thru sneakers infringe on the In-N-Out logo

What can Mardi Gras teach us about trademark protection for food?

- What kind of patented tanks may have been involved in the great molasses flood of 1919?

A Bunch of Criminals

- Is it time to provide criminal penalties for patent infringement?

- The US government has been trying to seize a biker gang's logo for more than a decade, but a judge ruled in favor of the gang. 

- Theranos is known for deception and fraud. While the company was never able to release what they promised, they were granted many patents

I'll Take That

- People are using fake companies and trademark applications to take over popular Instagram usernames. 

- Barstool Sports is offering people money to retract copyright strikes

- Check out this interesting read on how the Music Modernization Act could impact indigenous tribes.  

 Odds and Ends

- Mardi Gras weekend has led to a battle of the mega beers

- Is Kim Kardashian's new lawsuit just a distraction? 
Two well-meaning wine projects are disputing the right to use "solidarity." 

- Williams-Sonoma and Amazon are gearing up for a trademark war

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