Alt Legal IP News - Issue #131

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Worried and Unhappy

- The EFF is worried about the ramifications of the Patent Office's new patent eligibility guidelines. 

- The Japanese government is putting some copyright amendments on hold because of concerns about chilling effects. 

- House Democrats are beginning to look into some of the business dealings, including trademark registrations, of Ivanka Trump.

Get Offline

- In Germany Wikipedia will go offline for 24 hours this week to bring attention to proposed copyright changes. 

- Senator Warren's ads calling for the breakup of Facebook were briefly taken down because they “violated [Facebook's] policies against the use of [their] corporate logo."

- Creative Commons believes that copyright law might not protect you from having your face scanned. Companies can use that data in very intrusive ways.

Arcades, Tear Gas, and Hip-Hop

- What's one way to stop car thieves? This car sprays them with tear gas. 

- A Brooklyn-based arcade bar, Barcade, diligently enforces the company's trademarked name. The owner says the name is "one of the biggest headaches" he has had. 

- When is a threat to kill considered art rather than a legitimate threat? 

Odds and Ends

- LegalForce, better known as Trademarkia, and LegalZoom are wrapped up in a trademark dispute. LegalZoom has the upper hand, for now. 

- Google wants in on the folding phone resurgence

- An outgoing Sony chairman wrote a harshly worded letter to streaming companies that are appealing the Copyright Royalty Board's royalty rates. 

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