Alt Legal IP News - Issue #134

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- Is the end of the patent troll near?

- Reddit's piracy subreddit has been plagued with copyright complaints, so Reddit is taking the nuclear option.

- In niche patent news, two companies are disputing rights to a casket liner


- El Chapo's wife and daughter are getting into fashion and trading on El Chapo's notoriety. 
- A 12-year-old slime maker has doubled her following while battling Viacom in a trademark dispute.

- The USPTO director is reaching out to all types of inventors, even kindergarteners. 


- Thunderpussy is anxiously awaiting Supreme Court oral arguments happening on April 15th.

- Mercedes Benz is suing several mural artists for the right to use the murals in ads.

- Does this 2 Chainz song sound like copyright infringement to you?

- Ariana Grande wants all photographers at her shows to give her the copyrights to their work

 Odds and Ends

- A California judge is allowing MoviePass to pursue a case against a rival subscription service for patent infringement.

- The group behind the Women's March has stopped pursuing a trademark registration for their name.

- Boston may be a target of intellectual property espionage

- This Apple ad poses the question: why aren't pizza boxes round? Maybe because Apple has the patent.

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