Alt Legal IP News - Issue #136

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On the Younger Side

- While the answer to the headline question may be fairly obvious, this is an interesting in-depth breakdown of the value of a celebrity's trademark registrations.

Above the Law conducted a millennial attorney survey. The survey found that "45% of women strongly agree that law firm culture is sexist, compared to 14% of men."

Off-White settled a dispute with a children's store over mini counterfeits. 

Have Some Fun

- Soon you'll be able to paint masterpieces on your iPad.

- Do patent attorneys have more fun?

- Check out the hidden history of the Magic Eye, a popular optical illusion. In Magic Eye's heydey, the company licensed works to Disney, Looney Tunes, and eye doctors.

See You in Court

- If you still haven't caught up on the oral arguments from Iancu v. BrunettiSCOTUS Blog has a good audio summary
- A photographer is suing Clorox and McGarryBowen for misuse of her "cats on glass" photographs. 

- The man behind "Lady Marmalade" filed a $20 million lawsuit against Sony for allegedly buying rights to his songs without his consent and failing to pay out royalties.

 Odds and Ends

- Nike is seeking a trademark registration for the word "footware."

- Some copyright filters in the EU are automatically taking down copies of the Mueller Report.

- Lawyers are using political grounds to challenge rules requiring payment of dues to their state bars.

- This is an interesting long read on "selfmarks," personal brand identifiers protected as trademarks.

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