Alt Legal IP News - Issue #138

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What the Future Holds

- The USPTO has set a timeline for a series of tech upgrades.

- There is a growing push to loosen the laws around Psilocybin (mushrooms). Will the changes impact intellectual property like the campaign for cannabis did?

- In the future, will there be patent wars without fighting?

Household Names

- Disney may have found the easiest way to paint a castle

Target is seeking dismissal of Atari's claims that the company counterfeited Pong products.

- Nespresso recently filed a lawsuit against a company for using the phrase "Nespresso Compatible," raising questions about fair use in comparative and compatibility advertising.

- In a "close call," Williams Sonoma has the initial advantage in a lawsuit against Amazon.

Up for Debate

- Louis Vuitton is on the brink of a bi-national trademark dispute over Pooey Puitton.

- Zillow is suing Compass for allegedly stealing intellectual property.

- A South Carolina lawyer is suing his son for starting a law firm with their shared name.

 Odds and Ends

- A wine copycat has been ordered to pay over $800,000 for trademark infringement in China. 
- At-home fitness companies, like Peloton, are learning the value of seeking the appropriate licensing rights. A cycling class without a playlist of hits makes for annoyed customers.

- This bill may help curb patent trolls.

- Yale Law Women put together a report on the top ten firms for gender equity and family friendliness. While the report highlights some progress, it also shows the legal community has a long way to go.

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