Alt Legal IP News - Issue #139

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Tech Problems

- "Spellcheck for buildings" might never make it off the ground due to copyright laws.

- The UK is at risk of losing out in the global patent wars.

- When a group tried to put Georgia's laws online, Georgia's lawyers sued for copyright infringement and claimed providing public access to the laws and related materials was a "strategy of terrorism."

Stage and Screen

- Is Disney the Thanos of the entertainment industry?
- The USPTO refused to allow Prince's estate to register a shade of purple. Prince's estate responded with a 400-page filing.

Guns N' Roses is suing a Colorado brewery for their Guns 'N' Rosé brew.

Law Enforcement

- A judge denied many sealing requests in a patent case, but interested parties still had to fight to learn key elements of the case.

- The USPTO will now allow federal trademark registration on marks for some hemp-based products.

Selling the NYPD logo is a complicated business. 

 Odds and Ends

- A jury awarded $3.2 million in damages in a patent case over milkshake blending machines. 

- Victoria's Secret is taking their feud with a competitor to the USPTO. Will it backfire?

- Last week I linked to a story about Apple's patented pizza boxes. Quartz Obsession did a deep dive on pizza, including an additional pizza patent.

- After an aloha trademark dispute, Hawaii is pushing to protect cultural intellectual property.

There will be no digest next week as I'll be at the INTA Annual Meeting!

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