Alt Legal IP News - Issue #141

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- A European court sided with Zara, finding a safari company's trademark application was too similar to the fast fashion brand's registration.

- Supreme Italia, a counterfeit organization involved in ongoing legal battles with Supreme, is losing trademark registrations in China.

- "Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard claims Nike stole a logo he created, 'fraudulently' filed a copyright application for it, and then threatened to sue him for using it."

No Fun

- Universal Music Group is trying to stave off a mass termination of artists' grants.
Lord Buckethead has run for office in the UK several times, but the fun may be over.

- Mets fans are not happy about Tom Brady's new trademark application.

Money Makers

- Sports betting makes licensing more complicated for colleges and universities, but also creates other opportunities.

- One man invented the modern smiley face. Another man made it into a multi-million dollar business. 

- Facebook is getting into the drone business, specifically drones made of kites.

 Odds and Ends

- Blackbeard is heading to the Supreme Court.

Out of these weird patents, I personally could really use the alarming bed. 

- The USPS is hiring.

- Iron Maiden is suing the makers of the video game Ion Maiden. 

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