Alt Legal IP News - Issue #142

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International Affair

- Post-Brexit, the UK patent system may need some reform. Here is one proposal.

- An artist created the Australian Aboriginal flag but then licensed the work to a clothing brand, which is now causing problems for Aboriginal organizations.

- Penguin Random House is in hot water with an English professor because he claims"they chose commerce over decency" when choosing to publish a literary classic.

Riding Around

- Peloton is facing a potential setback in its ongoing patent infringement dispute with Flywheel. 
- Last year, I included a story about New York's ice cream truck turf war. "Operation Meltdown" may have ended the war once and for all.

- Michelin wants to ensure you'll never get a flat again.

All Kinds of Art

- Does interior design have an intellectual property problem?

Kid Cudi and Kanye West are facing a copyright infringement claim and arguing fair use.

- Fruit breeders are forming an alliance to combat intellectual property infringement.

 Odds and Ends

- On Monday the Supreme Court sided with an Alabama tech company in their dispute with the USPS.

- Would you agree that these are the nine most notorious copyright cases?

Tom Brady regrets filing that "Tom Terrific" trademark application.

- Some companies add fake sounds to their products to impact consumers' perceptions, and sometimes those sounds become brand identifiers.  

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