Alt Legal IP News - Issue #145

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Rise of the Robots

- Who owns the copyright to a classical symphony when Artificial Intelligence completes an unfinished work?

- A new tech tool from MIT can detect when images are fake or have been altered.

- In an age of ever-increasing legal technology, how will the role of lawyers evolve?

Food Fight

- This artist is using cakes to make a statement about copyright and detecting algorithms.

Ice cream.gif

- Punning on the name of a smile that shows in the eyes, Tyra Banks's new ice cream brand, Smize Cream, is sure to bring joy.

- An activist group is opposing a European salmon patent, claiming that the invention is "pure fake invention."

- Kylie Jenner's recent trademark applications suggest she is moving into the beverage market, including both alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

Problems with Cultural Appropriation

- Australian courts ruled that a company's false claim that its products were created by aborigines was harmful to the group, and ordered the company to pay millions in fines.

- Relatedly, Australian politician Ken Wyatt is "hopeful" about the prospect of settling recent disputes about licensing the aboriginal flag to Wam Clothing.

- Target's recent knock-off version of a high-end crocheted bikini originally created by a Brazilian artist raises questions about creativity, inspiration, and cultural appropriation.

- Kim Kardashian is facing backlash for her recent trademark application for Kimono. Angered Twitter followers are using the hashtag #KimOhNo.

Odds and Ends

- The USPTO rejected Cardi B's trademark application for "Okurrr," stating that it's too "commonplace" to receive trademark protection.

- Samsung recently filed a patent application for a retractable phone screen that expands to three times its size.

- A change set to go into effect on August 3 will require all non-US filers and companies who apply for US trademarks to be represented by US attorneys.

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