Alt Legal IP News - Issue #146

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Listen to the Music

- Music streaming company Spotify settled two copyright infringement lawsuits and will shell out more than $40 million to songwriters.

- Universal Music Group, which owns the famous "Motown" trademark, is looking to prevent boy band O-Town from continuing to use their name.

- Is there a legal loophole that leaves famous guitar riffs without copyright protection?

Big Tech

- Huawei has issued a warning to not politicize global intellectual property issues.

- IBM recently received a patent for a smartwatch that can turn into a smartphone or tablet.

- Crypto wallets are becoming all the rage, as LG looks to move into the crypto space after filing a trademark application for "ThinQ Wallet."

Around the World

- Brazil has joined WIPO's Madrid Protocol, increasing the number of member countries to 121.

- A trademark bill passed in Malaysia will allow applicants to register scent, sound, and color marks.

- The EUIPO released a short documentary film about IP and many think it's bad propaganda.

Odds and Ends

- One of Japan's most wanted fugitives for copyright infringement was caught and arrested.

- Can you guess how many trademark applications and registrations the Kardashians have?

- Here's how Xerox used trademarks and patents to prevent "anyone from copying its copiers."

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