Alt Legal IP News - Issue #147

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The Great Outdoors

- Glowing rocks found on the banks of Lake Superior are creating trademark disputes.

- The historical names of different sites in Yosemite National Park are being restored after a long trademark battle.

- Yeti Coolers has filed a lawsuit for trademark infringement against Yetti Outdoors.

We Like Sports

- A Philadelphia sports bar claims to own "Play Gloria," a phrase that became a rallying anthem for the St. Louis Blues hockey team.

- A federal appeals court ruled in favor for former baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. in a patent infringement suit.

- How does the success of the Women's World Cup help brands?

Copyright Corner

- YouTube is fixing its copyright claim system by requiring copyright owners to provide timestamps of where the alleged infringement occurred.

- Some believe that the creation of a "copyright small claims court" may open the floodgates for abusive copyright trolls.

- A New York district court judge dedicated an entire opinion to determine whether a particular plaintiff's counsel can be referred to as a "copyright troll."

Odds and Ends

- "A UCLA professor faces 219 years in prison," for stealing and selling protected missile technology to China.

- Do patents protect or harm national security?

- Will MySpace and YouTube plays be enough to prove that Katy Perry copied a Christian rapper?

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