Alt Legal IP News - Issue #15

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More Copyright, More Infringement

- Any copyright holder can submit a DMCA takedown notice to Google. How many were submitted in the past 12 months? Over a billion

- A proposed UK law threatens to wreck havoc on the replica design furniture industry.

- Could you "gamify" copyright infringement detection? 

Those Things Will Rot Your Teeth

- KitKat lost another battle over the distinctiveness of the shape of their candy bar. 

- Splenda is taking Dunkin' Donuts to court over lookalike sweeteners

- Need to brush that sugar off? Dyson might be developing a new super toothbrush. Check out the patent here

Take it to the Top

- The UK announced that they will ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement despite Brexit. 

- Frozen food retailer Iceland is set to meet with the Icelandic government about their trademark. 

- Two of the top global entertainment and TV providers are licensing their IP to each other

Odds and Ends

- Instagram is opposing a Microsoft trademark, claiming the rights to "gram" as a suffix. They aren't the first company to claim rights in a prefix or suffix, as some of Facebook's TTAB disputes highlight

- Remember the Slants case? The ABA has filed an amicus brief seeking to correct principles of trademark law that they believe the court of appeals got wrong. 

- The Fashion Law blog poses an interesting question- Are there benefits to the practice of knockoffs

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