Alt Legal IP News - Issue # 155

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- BMW recently patented a motorcycle electric supercharger to increase the fuel efficiency of the combustion engine.

- A new patent application from Volvo seeks to move the head-up display device to the car's roof.

- Hyundai is suing parts manufacturing company Pantius for trademark infringement and false advertising for allegedly selling parts it claims are "genuine."

Music to My Ears

- Attorney Ron Bienstock is representing over a dozen guitar manufacturers who are challenging Gibson's trademarked guitar body styles. Read more here.

- Pop singer Ariana Grande is suing Forever 21 for allegedly using a lookalike when she refused to agree to endorse the company.

- A New York judge ruled that Notorious B.I.G. was well within his right to use the phrase "party and bullshit" in a song, despite the phrase's prior existence in a spoken-word piece by The Last Poets.

IP Policy and Practice

- This week the University of Arkansas is hosting a free Patent Bootcamp for women and minorities in STEM.

- This detailed look at China's recent IP filing practices shows the country's steady increase in IP protections in many key areas over the past few years.

- Responding to recent backlash, the USPTO has walked back requirements that trademark examiners verify applicants' immigration statuses. Check out the official guidelines for examiners here.

- This month the USPTO is holding hearings about proposed increases to trademark application and maintenance fees, including an increase of up to 25% for new applications.

Odds and Ends

- WeWork appears to have paid CEO Adam Neumann almost $6 million to license the word "We," for which he has a trademark, but Neumann recently returned the money and granted the company use of the trademark.


- WTR lists this newly filed trademark application as the world's largest. With over 10,000 items in 11 classes and a higher word count than novel Sense and Sensibility, it just may be. The application blows LoveFrom Jony's notably large application out of the water.

- Google just applied for a patent for an AI-assisted baby monitor.

- A Delaware court found L'Oreal's patent infringement against Olaplex willful and doubled L'Oreal's $24.9 million penalty.

- Update: LeBron James's trademark application for "Taco Tuesday" (mentioned in last week's IP News) is facing opposition from an Illinois restaurant.

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