Alt Legal IP News - Issue # 156

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Nintendo in the News

- Nintendo's recent patent suggests it might start making foldable JoyCon controllers for the Switch. Meanwhile, Razer Asia Pacific recently filed a patent application for a device similar to the Switch.

- Nintendo is suing RomUniverse, an online site that offers unauthorized video games, for millions of dollars for copyright and trademark infringement.

- Nintendo just filed a Japanese trademark application for Poke Plush for toys and game equipment.

Fair Use?

- The EU Court of Justice ruled that song sampling is fair use as long as it is “in a modified form unrecognisable [sic] to the ear.” The Court also recently ruled that Google cannot be fined for copyright violations for showing excerpts in search results.


- Photos of Picasso's paintings are fair use, according to a U.S. District judge.

- South Africa's congress recently passed the Copyright Amendment Bill, which would extend fair use protection to schools and organizations.

STRONGER Patent Protection?

- The Senate recently held a hearing about the STRONGER Patents Act, and the bill is stirring up controversy with some claiming the bill would "increase patent troll legislation." Read the full text of the bill here.

- Australia's Senate is considering a bill that would amend the Designs Act, the Trade Marks Act, and the Patents Act, including phasing out the innovation patents option.

- This is the second part in a series on Canada's new Patent Act, set to take effect next month. See the first part here.

Odds and Ends

- Updates: OSU can't register "The" as a trademark, and LeBron James can't register "Taco Tuesday" either.

- No Bologna: The Bolognese court recently ruled that the Ferrari 250 GTO is a piece of art, and as such should be awarded copyright protection.

- The trademark battle between the Kardashians and Kroma may end up settled by the Supreme Court.

- Music publishers have doubled their claim against Peloton to $300 million for copyright infringement of thousands of songs.

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