Alt Legal IP News - Issue #20

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High Brow / Low Brow

- On the heels of Michael Jordan's Chinese trademark victoryBMW has also won in the Chinese IP court. 

- Louis Vuitton lost a nearly two year long battle with a tote bag company after a court found that mimicking the LV mark didn't support an infringement claim.

- Jagermeister holds several trademarks but the company is using one to oppose a new basketball logo



- Artificial intelligence is here to stay but how much will it really change IP in the next 25 years?

-  One startup is using machine learning to identify logos that might be too similar to your own. 

- Who owns the rights to IP in the age of AI?

Snap It, Post It, Like It

- Can you guess which IP firms are most active on social media

- A lawyer rewrote the Instagram terms of service so that even a child could understand their rights. One child's reaction? "I'm deleting Instagram because it's weird." Starts on page 10.

Odds and Ends

Harley Davidson is suing Urban Outfitters over "reconstructed bodysuits," some made from Harley garments.

- As we have covered before, cannabis businesses have a difficult time getting rights to their IP. But some companies are just repurposing popular IP for their brands.

- Is there really iron in your cereal? Yes, as you can see in this video. Of course, there's a patent for that


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