Alt Legal IP News - Issue #25

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Love Is In the Air... Maybe

The Romantic: Valentine's Day is full of gift giving and some of those gifts are patented(#7 might apply to the anti-vday category as well). 

The USPTO is feeling festive

There are patents behind that bouquet. 

The Anti-Valentine: Basketball doesn't scream romance and neither does this fascinating look at the history of basketball retrieval device patents for solo players. 

An urn for the heart broken. Or for those savoring the single life, a luxury item

The Best in Show: Perhaps the most romantically neutral viewing option of the night will be the Westminster Dog Show (not counting puppy love). Some show dog related patents include registered pedigree stuffed animals, dog breeding methods, and methods of breed identification. 

Copyright Three Ways

- The Copyright Alert System, an educational approach to online copyright infringement, is no more

- Could Melania be subject to a copyright infringement claim?

- A blog is assembling some of the oldest (pre 1870) copyright records and their transcriptions. Take a look here

Odds and Ends

- In just a few days, a new post-registration proof of use rule will go into effect. 

- Naturally, a "Make Russia Great Again" trademark application has been filed. 

- Samsung wants to trademark "Hello."

- In-N-Out burger sued a Wichita dry cleaner over their strikingly similar logo

- The Superbowl is over and the Patriots are taking their celebrations to the USPTO. They also filed for the trademark they've wanted for quite some time. 

- The ACLU is enrolled in the Y combinator accelerator, which will provide a new way to utilize the millions in recent donations. More donations will be rolling in thanks to this button

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