Alt Legal IP News - Issue #26

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Trademarks at the Top

- Another day, another unprecedented presidential move- Trump has been awarded a Chinese trademark. Is that a violation of the Emoluments Clause

- China also has a first to file trademark system. It looks like this may be a problem for Ivanka. 

- What will Neil Gorsuch mean for intellectual property

Stop Taking My Picture

- Refinery29 is being skewered (sorry) for reprinting a story on chicken cutlets. 

- Zillow, the popular real estate website, was ordered to pay $8 million for infringing real estate photo copyrights. 

- A photojournalist is suing Tiffany and Co. for reproducing one of his photographs on their website without his permission. 

The Cutting Edge

- Did these 3 patent cases bring software patents back to life?

- The Broad Institute, affiliated with MIT and Harvard, was permitted to keep valuable gene editing patents, despite objections from a rival academic team. How much are those patent licenses worth?

- Australia is toying with the idea of tearing down barriers to oil and gas related intellectual property. 

- Apple won 58 patents today. 

- Oracle filed their opening brief (and 11 additional amicus briefs) in their case against Google over a software API. The brief is already creating speculation that the case will result in interesting precedent

Odds and Ends

- The Trademark Company, run by Matthew Swyers, has been excluded from practice before the USPTO for at least 5 years. 

- A clever copyright trap ended up creating an imaginary town. 

- A sexual harassment parody video was found to not violate the Lanham Act, even if it was in bad taste. 

The Walmart Smiley is back after 10 years and some trademark litigation.


- There are shocking dangers of purchasing counterfeit goods. 

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