Alt Legal IP News - Issue #30

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Up on the Screen

- The 9th Circuit reversed a federal judge who had found that content streamers could be "cable system" eligible for compulsory licenses. 

- Nintendo is not happy with Japanese company MariCar's business plan, but is it enough to constitute infringement?

- How long does it take to read the Amazon Kindle Terms and Conditions out loud? Now we know, thanks to some dedicated Australians.  

- MPAA Studios are taking on a large scale piracy ring

The World in Your Phone

- Is Taylor Swift creating her own streaming service to rival Spotify? A trademark lawyer investigates

- Many people complain that texting is ruining people's ability to write. This case reveals that grammar is still very important

- This patent creates a new way to mooch off your friends. 

- Grindr decided the regular emoji library wasn't sufficient and created (and got a trademark for) their own: the Gaymoji symbols

Technology of the Future

- INTA gathered 8 IP offices to weigh in on the future of intellectual property. They just released the last video in the series, but we recommend starting from the beginning. We also recently contributed to an article about IP offices worldwide, which you can check out here

- A new patent case involves the sale of genetically mutated mice, helpful for researching Alzheimer's disease. 

- The robots are coming. AI is here but is it protectable by law? Should it be?

- This story reads like a thriller movie: a computer scientist and an online gambling fugitiveare in a race to patent blockchain technology. 

Odds and Ends

- A "Marijuanaville" trademark application was denied for similarities to the "Margaritaville" trademark, which aptly describes a "state of mind inspired by margaritas."

- The Supreme Court just ruled against the doctrine of laches as a patent defense. 

- This week the Supreme Court is also hearing arguments in a patent case that affects everyone. Can a patent holder dictate how you use their product after you buy it?

- Where does the new nominee for United States Trade Representative stand on intellectual property

- What effect will Brexit have on intellectual property? 

- In a particularly hip lawsuit, Coachella is suing Urban Outfitters for using their name. 

- We are sponsoring the upcoming NYCBA Trademark Law Program, a CLE Program that will take place on April 24. Find more info here

- Just because: Judicial citations are more fun when they reference Cheers

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