Alt Legal IP News - Issue #39

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We have a shorter newsletter than usual this week. Our team is in Barcelona for the annual INTA conference. I've included some IP news highlights below and we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week!

The Highlights

- Apple has a patent for everything, even pizza boxes. But does it withstand the scrutiny of the top pizza box collector?

- Tinder is opposing Shinder, the name of a dating app built for one man. 

- Google has dodged genericide.

- "No Line. No Checkout. (No, Seriously)." A filing at the UK IP office shows Amazon's plans for European groceries. 

- KitKat lost another battle to trademark the four-fingered shape.

Mad Magazine is arguing Time ripped off one of their covers. 

- Here's an interesting read on the hidden meanings behind some famous logos. 

- The Supreme Court has spoken on patent trolls. Find the whole opinion here

- And a quick peek of the team at INTA (or posing for our next album cover):


See you next week!

The Alt Legal Team