Alt Legal IP News - Issue #42

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Alt Trademarks is back! We are kicking off our next round of episodes with an interview with Ryan Morrison of Morrison Lee. We talk video games and Reddit AMAs. Check out the episode here.

The Law of the Land

- You've likely already heard, but Michelle Lee has resigned as Director of the USPTO. 

- An interim director has been appointed: Meet Joe Matal

- The Supreme Court is going to weigh in on the constitutionality of inter partes review. Recently the tech sector has embraced this process as a means of weeding out bad patents. 

- At least one company is pulling out all the stops in an attempt to push back against the recent TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods case so that they can continue litigating in East Texas. 

- For others being sued in Texas, is it too late to change the venue?

Star Power

- The Kardashian sisters are being accused of copyright infringement, again. 

- Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters are in hot water for their use of Tupac imagery

- According to several new trademark applications, you may soon be able to see Prince in person, or rather, holograph. 

What's up with Those Patents?

- Facebook files a large number of patent applications every year. Some highlights include anonymous messaging and a boredom detector

- What is the future of CleanTech patents?

- From the Onion: Dozens of Internet knockoffs flood the market after patent expires. 

- The US International Trade Commission is launching a probe of Sony regarding patent infringement allegations.

- Last week I linked to a story about Silicon Valley tackling patent trolls. Now an indie filmmaker says that the episode ripped off his movie

Odds and Ends

- A seven-year dispute over lingerie, tea, and the word "Darjeeling" is heating up. 

- The Cayman Islands are creating a local trademark registry, which will have implications for those seeking protection in the Caribbean jurisdiction. 

- People in Munich are protesting barley patents held by Heineken and Carlsberg. Will upcoming patent reform get them what they want?

- CAFC's recent precedential opinion affirmed TTAB's ruling canceling a mark due to non-ownership. 

- Last year, the state of Michigan sued M22, a company who merchandise features a route marker sign. The court has issued an opinion in favor of the company. 

- Breaking news: The CEO of Uber is taking leave following IP litigation and workplace scandals. 

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The Alt Legal Team