Alt Legal IP News - Issue #44

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Alt Trademarks is back! Listen to our interview with Ryan Morrison of Morrison Lee. We talk video games and Reddit AMAs. Check out the episode here. 

I Have Something To Say

- United Airlines has won a copyright and trademark infringement suit against, a website cataloging complaints against the company from the past 20 years. 

Four of the top ten Supreme Court cases with the most amicus briefs are intellectual property cases. 

- Ivanka Trump will testify in a trademark infringement case over her shoe design. 

- How exactly is Facebook planning to detect our moods and emotions

- John Oliver and HBO are the targets of a defamation suit following Oliver's segment about the CEO of Murray Energy Corporation. Another one of his most well-known takedowns was the show's piece on patent trolls

Not Today

- Gene Simmons has already abandoned his trademark application for the devil horns hand gesture. 

- Apple is missing some trademark applications. We have some ideas about why that might be the case. 

- Following the recent Slants decision, there was a rush to file arguably scandalous applications. The USPTO released a Section 2(a) examination guide that might shed some light on the fate of these applications. 

What a Picture

- A company has sued over 70 companies for allegedly infringing on their patent for picture menus. A court just threw out their patent. 

McMansion Hell, an architectural criticism blog, just received a cease and desist from Zillow for using photos from their site. 

- A California couple is fighting to oppose Snapchat's "geofilter" trademark application

Odds and Ends

- A South Korean architect is suing the designers of the Freedom Tower for infringing on his 1999 graduate thesis

- A New York judge held that "no reasonable attorney" would have sued news organizations for broadcasting clips of childbirth from Facebook Live. 

- Louboutin is back in court over their trademark red soles and, this case looks promising

- Amazon filed a patent for a literal drone hive

- Microsoft has a plan (and a patent) for stopping laptop thieves. 

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The Alt Legal Team