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Talk It Out

- Birkenstock stopped selling on Amazon last year due to a surge in counterfeits, but after a recent adjustment in one of Amazon's policies, Birkenstock's CEO wrote a blistering email to Amazon.

- Louis Vuitton filed a petition for writ of certiorari, hoping to get their parody bag case before the Supreme Court

- A Florida based company claims that Apple's new "What did he say?" rewind feature infringes on their patent.

- In 1979, Xerox wrote a letter to the New York Times that revealed how much they hate people using their name as a verb.

The Big Bucks

- The University of Wisconsin-Madison will receive $506 million from Apple after a patent lawsuit victory.

- A court voided a $31 million licensing deal between Prince's estate and Universal Music due to conflicts with an existing contract.

Apple also paid Nokia roughly $2 billion as part of a patent lawsuit settlement.

- A $20 million copyright infringement suit against Beyoncé is moving forward. 

New Tools

- A recently issued patent reveals a future with selfies without the selfie sticks.

- Have trouble flying? One day soon you may be able to pop a pill that would tell flight attendants exactly how you're doing. 

- Amazon wants to use drones to keep an eye on people's homes.

- Despite Google Glass's rough start, a patent application reveals some of Apple's plans for AR glasses.

Odds and Ends

- Toblerone is not happy about a Twin Peaks candy bar with a striking resemblance to their own.

Oklahoma State and Ohio State are battling it out at the USPTO. 

- A British recording artist claims U2's 1991 song The Fly ripped off his record, which was on a demo tape he left at U2's recording studio, Island Records.

- INTA has launched a Pro Bono Clearinghouse pilot program.

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