Alt Legal IP News - Issue #52

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In the Office

- If confirmed by the Senate, Andrei Iancu is set to be the next head of the USPTO. 

- The USPTO admitted to stacking PTAB panels to achieve desired outcomes.

- General Mills was unsuccessful in their attempt to register a trademark for the yellow of the Cherrios box.


- Hollywood studios had a victory in the 9th Circuit over VidAngel, a content-filtering service. 

- Last week, I included a story about Chateau Marmont sending a cease and desist to Cateau Marmont. The cat groomer returned a rather humorous response.  Several attorneys also provided some tips for responding to these types of letters. 

- Several California artists who run an e-marketplace created a fake male colleague to help them dodge sexism


- Sure, robots may vacuum your home or fight parking tickets for you, but they can also create art. Who owns the rights to robot-created art?

- Before a robot can create art, they must learn from humans. Here's a great read on the fair use dilemma created by machine learning

- Another fascinating read is this Law Review article on How Copyright Law Can Fix Artificial Intelligence's Implicit Bias Problem

Odds and Ends

- Two YouTubers won a copyright victory in a case questioning whether using copyrighted clips constituted copyright infringement, a format that is common in reaction videos.

- China says they will crack down on intellectual property violations

- Coachella is asking courts to fast-track their case against Filmchella

- California is taking the first steps towards passing cannabis-related trademark laws

- Even though I'm no longer in school, from this list of back-to-school patents, I'd love a banana suitcase.

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