Alt Legal IP News - Issue #64

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Rock 'n' Roll Lifestyle

- Does linking to copyrighted images constitute copyright infringement? Playboy is taking BoingBoing to court over just that. 

- Hard Rock Cafe is alleging that RockStar Hotels is infringing on their trademark registrations. The Cafe just ended another case over the display of an image of David Bowie in their hotels.

- Obtaining music licenses for a movie soundtrack may be a little easier if you write an adoring letter to the artist

Fun & Games

- Fujifilm and Polaroid are in a dispute over Fujifilm's use of a white border on their Instax film. Fujifilm is arguing for cancellation of the Polaroid's registrations on the basis that the border is solely functional in purpose.


- Trademark applications indicate that Super Smash Bros. is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

- Humvee is suing for trademark infringement over the use of their name in the Call of Dutygames.

Tech Updates

Smart garments may be closer to market than you think. 

- WIPO is considering a potential treaty protecting the rights of broadcasters. A group of Latin American countries have proposed some limitations and exceptions to the language, framing the matter in context similar to their national copyright legislation. 

- Could both classic and nominative fair use apply to this use of the word Google?

Odds and Ends

- There is a new trend at the USPTO: Woke trademarks

- The ACLU is arguing against Georgia's practice of keeping some laws behind copyright paywalls

- Here's a look at four senior cases from last week and why they matter.

- RZA is opposing the trademark application of a Brooklyn-based dog-walking service, Woof Tang Clan. When asked for comment, the owner of the service said, "I am a fan. We walk dogs. I thought it was a good idea.

- In preparation for Thanksgiving, check out some food tech patents, and a look at some of the IP involved in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

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