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Feelin' Futuristic

- While some legal jobs are on the decline, there are 40 practice areas that did not exist 15 years ago, many of which impact intellectual property law. 

- Amazon is developing a mirror that will virtually dress you. 

- Everyone is talking about blockchain so here is a quick summary of blockchain in trademarks

So Famous

- Meet the man who invented the Super Soaker, or as it was known before a trademark-related name change, the Drencher. 

- The marketing gymnastics surrounding the "Big Game" has begun

- The general consensus is that there will likely not be a copyright extension before Congress this year, which means some Mickey Mouse products may enter the public domain in the near future.

- The "godfathers of corporate graphic design" highlight some tips for designing a great logo. 

Music to My Ears

- Taylor Swift's lawyer did some serious player hating in support of a motion to dismiss a copyright lawsuit. 

- Radiohead is taking Lana Del Rey to court for alleged copyright infringement of "Creep."  Compare the songs for yourself in the link. 

- Spotify was hit with a $1.6BN lawsuit over a catalog of music including Tom Petty, Weezer, and The Doors.


- A musician uploaded a 10-hour video of continuous white noise to YouTube. So far 5 copyright infringement claims have been made against him.  

Odds and Ends

- If copyright laws would not have changed in 1978, what would have entered the public domain on January 1, 2018

- A judge has suggested Fenty may have defrauded the Patent and Copyright Offices while seeking protection for their designs. 

- Here's some copyright trivia for you: Some works can get longer copyright protection in Canada than the US

- This article has a great slogan generator linked to the roughly 280 trademark applications filed for various ways to "Make ______ ______ Again."   

- The USPTO received more than 440,000 trademark applications in 2017, setting a new record. 

- Check out this great gif-filled article about what companies often get wrong about trademarks. 

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