Alt Legal IP News - Issue #8

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Check out the second episode of our podcast, Alt Trademarks, featuring IP attorney Cliff Kuehn. We discuss his time at the OHIM (now the EUIPO) as well as unauthorized trademark filers. 

It's Not All Fun and Games

- Conan O'Brien has been sued for joke theft. Not surprisingly, Andy Richter had some jokes about the lawsuit and then he ended up on the deposition list. 

- Johnny Manziel has filed for a Johnny Football trademark

- SXSW successfully talked the Australian Labor Party out of naming their festival South by Southeast. A SXSW rep said this situation is a common occurrence.

Would You Like a Side of Infringement with That?

- The estate of Dash Snow, a provocative New York artist, is suing McDonald's for copying Snow's graffiti tag

- Nihilist Arby's is a popular Twitter account. Duets Blog examines whether they would be able to escape a trademark infringement claim via a parody argument.

An Apple a Day...

- In case you missed it, Apple filed a patent application for a shopping bag

- Apple was ordered to pay $302.4 million for infringing patents connected to FaceTime. 

- What do century old carpets have to do with Apple and Samsung's upcoming Supreme Court battle? More than you would think

- Apple has a particularly clever secret for keeping their IP secret for as long as possible. Read more about their strategy here

 Odds and Ends

- Our CEO, Nehal Madhani, will be presenting on emerging technologies in Albany on October 14th. The presentation, hosted by the New York State Bar, is a CLE course. It is also available via webcast. Find more details here

- RBG doesn't have plans to leave the bench any time soon

- Can internet search results result in trademark infringement?

- Check out some new changes to the TTAB rules. 

- In Philly on October 27-28? Our friends at Above the Law have given us a discount code to their conference on building a boutique practice. You can get $100 off tickets with the code "ALTLEGAL100." 

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