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I was doing a bit of post INTA travel yesterday, so for just this week, we have a Wednesday newsletter! 
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Patent Numbers

- Following the TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods decision, the number of patent lawsuits in East Texas has plummeted. 

- In advance of the 10 millionth utility patent, the USPTO has prepared a pretty comprehensive animated timeline detailing the history of patents in the U.S.

- Some argue that design patents result in increasing and disproportionately high costs to innovative companies

Child's Play


- The makers of Sesame Street are suing the makers of a new raunchy comedy starring Melissa McCarthy and her puppet partner.

- Japan wants to teach children how to patent their ideas. 

- Alphabet's Life Sciences division has filed a patent application for a "smart diaper" that can tell liquids and solids apart.

How Does That Work?

- As concern over AI intellectual property theft increase, how do human detectives catch the thieves?

- How can you tell the difference between homage and copyright infringement? Julie Zerbo explains.

- How will the GDPR impact the fight against fake luxury items?

 Odds and Ends

- 23andMe and Ancestry are in a dispute over a patented technology that dates back to the 1940s. Because "ancestry is so hot right now," the dispute has the potential to reshape the genetic genealogy testing industry.

- HBO used the de minimus copyright exception to win an infringement suit against a graffiti artist.

- Yesterday was National Biscuit Day, and one of the Supreme Court's most influential trademark decisions happens to be biscuit related. 

- China approved 13 trademark registrations for Ivanka Trump in 3 months. When asked about this, she abruptly left a conference call with reporters.

- A federal judge approved the settlement Spotify's $112.5 million class-action copyright lawsuit settlement. 

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