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Is That a Good Idea?

- Ford filed a patent application for a steering wheel that converts into a laptop holder

- A man recently received a UK trademark registration for a character mashup of a Disney character and a world leader. He sought the registration because "he enjoys provoking major brands with his trademark applications." He doesn't mind provoking the IP office either.

- The La Liga app, used by Spanish fans to stream soccer matches, has been using microphones on the fans' phones to detect unauthorized game broadcasts

Music Men


- An artist released "This is Nigeria" weeks after the video for "This is America" was released. Is the song a parody or possible copyright infringement? 

- Could Pusha T's Drake diss track land him in court?

- After 11 years, the parties are settling in the case involving a toddler dancing to Prince in a video uploaded to YouTube. 

Robots & AI

- Universal is looking to improve their theme park characters with patented AI technology. 

- The USPTO Director says that a robot army of patent examiners won't be taking over any time soon. 

- Uber wants to use AI to detect whether or not a passenger is drunk before getting in the car. 

 Odds and Ends

- The Velcro legal team is back with a video responding to comments from their viral "Don't Say Velcro" campaign. 

- Have the copyright wars, arguing whether authors' or readers' rights should be paramount, obscured other important copyright issues?

- From McSweeney's, these are classic rock notes... from legal.

- Flag Day is June 14th, so now is a good time to read up on the rules of using flags in trademark registrations

- IP + Pride Month: This is a great long read about the intersection of IP and gender and how the next 10 years of scholarship in the field can incorporate more feminist and queer insights. 

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