Alt Trademarks: Episode 2 - Cliff Kuehn

Alt Legal presents the second episode of Alt Trademarks, a biweekly podcast hosted by Hannah Samendinger. Alt Trademarks discusses the latest news in trademark law, features interviews with prominent trademark professionals, and contemplates the issues trademark professionals face. 

In this broadcast, Hannah speaks with Cliff Kuehn, an international trademark lawyer and brand strategist. They discuss Kuehn's practice, which is largely virtual and based out of both San Francisco and Alicante, Spain. Kuehn also talks about his previous work at OHIM (now the EUIPO). Finally, they consider the effects of unauthorized trademark filers and how the practice harms both filers and attorneys.

If you would like to contact Cliff, he can be reached at, at, or on Twitter @CliffKuehn.

Music: "Off to Osaka" by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. The song was edited for use in this podcast.