Alt Trademarks: Episode 10 - Jenny Odegard and Nakia Hansen

Alt Legal presents the newest episode of Alt Trademarks, a biweekly podcast hosted by Hannah Samendinger. Alt Trademarks discusses the latest news in trademark law, features interviews with prominent trademark professionals, and contemplates the issues trademark professionals face. 

In this broadcast, Hannah talks with Jenny Odegard and Nakia Hansen of Odegard Law, a Brooklyn firm specializing in providing legal services for creative professionals. Jenny and Nakia explain how they have tailored the practice to their clientele by offering non-traditional forms of communication and transparent pricing. You can listen to this episode below or on iTunes or Google Play.

You can also read more about the FTC’s native advertising and endorsements guides at the links below:

To learn out more about the firm, go to or find them on Twitter at @OdegardLaw. You can contact Jenny at or Nakia at