Alt Trademarks: Episode 6 - Sonia Lakhany

Alt Legal presents the newest episode of Alt Trademarks, a biweekly podcast hosted by Hannah Samendinger. Alt Trademarks discusses the latest news in trademark law, features interviews with prominent trademark professionals, and contemplates the issues trademark professionals face. 

In this broadcast, Hannah speaks with Sonia Lakhany, a solo practitioner running a boutique intellectual property practice with offices in Atlanta and LA. They discuss Sonia's transition into a solo practice. Sonia offers suggestions that both new and veteran attorneys can take to stand out from the competition. They also discuss fictional brands and characters as well as the nuances of getting IP protection for something fictional. You can listen to this episode below or on iTunes or Google Play.

If you would like to contact Sonia, you can email her at, find her on LinkedIn at , or check out her Twitter at @LadyLanhamEsq.