Alt Trademarks: Episode 8 - Radiance Harris

Alt Legal presents the newest episode of Alt Trademarks, a biweekly podcast hosted by Hannah Samendinger. Alt Trademarks discusses the latest news in trademark law, features interviews with prominent trademark professionals, and contemplates the issues trademark professionals face. 

In this broadcast, Hannah talks with Radiance Harris of Radiance IP Law. Radiance talks about starting her own practice and about developing a flat-fee pay structure. Because she considers herself an introvert, Radiance offers tips and tricks for other introverts in the legal field. Hannah and Radiance also discuss the rise and some potential pitfalls of hashtag trademark applications. Some examples can be found here and here. You can listen to this episode below or on iTunes or Google Play.

For additional examples of hashtag trademarks and information about the cases discussed in the episode, check out Radiance’s article on hashtag trademarks here:

If you would like to contact Radiance, she can be reached online at, on, or by email at